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Oklahoma, United States


Latitude: 35.5002806, Longitude: -97.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Calley  Abt 1900Oklahoma, United States I10125
2 Edna Marie Holden  1894Oklahoma, United States I6321
3 Ethel L.  16 Oct 1900Oklahoma, United States I4051
4 ABLES, Lawrence  27 May 1911Oklahoma, United States I2107
5 ADAMS, Katherine  29 Nov 1915Oklahoma, United States I2422
6 ADAMS, Lowell B.  17 Jun 1919Oklahoma, United States I2423
7 ADAMSON, Billy Burl  1 May 1927Oklahoma, United States I3464
8 ADAMSON, Don Neil  4 Nov 1926Oklahoma, United States I16
9 ADAMSON, Doyle V.  26 Mar 1924Oklahoma, United States I3463
10 ADKINS, Bessie E.  6 Sep 1890Oklahoma, United States I5061
11 ANTLE, Edna  Abt 1903Oklahoma, United States I6558
12 ANTLE, Nona  Jun 1897Oklahoma, United States I6556
13 ANTLE, Rexie E.  Oct 1899Oklahoma, United States I6557
14 BIGFORD, Johnson S.  19 Feb 1922Oklahoma, United States I8727
15 BLAKELY, Claude W.  4 Feb 1925Oklahoma, United States I5086
16 BLAKELY, Earl Henry  13 Sep 1914Oklahoma, United States I5064
17 BLAKELY, Montie L.  16 May 1904Oklahoma, United States I5055
18 BLAKELY, Myrtle  Abt 1901Oklahoma, United States I5054
19 BLAKELY, Robert L.  1914Oklahoma, United States I5073
20 BLAKELY, William F.  18 Dec 1908Oklahoma, United States I5056
21 BURNS, Trula Odalee  Abt 1909Oklahoma, United States I5464
22 CLUTTER, Eva  Sep 1899Oklahoma, United States I3023
23 CLUTTER, Florence  Abt 1906Oklahoma, United States I8687
24 CLUTTER, Francis F.  17 Apr 1916Oklahoma, United States I6322
25 CLUTTER, George  Abt 1902Oklahoma, United States I8686
26 CLUTTER, Glen L.  Abt 1901Oklahoma, United States I3026
27 CLUTTER, Lester Laurence  12 Sep 1907Oklahoma, United States I8688
28 DEBOLT, Jena  Abt 1900Oklahoma, United States I6545
29 EVANS, Nina E.  Abt 1905Oklahoma, United States I10294
30 FLETCHER, Roy  Abt 1899Oklahoma, United States I3509
31 FLETCHER, Velma  Abt 1903Oklahoma, United States I3511
32 FLETCHER, Vera  Abt 1902Oklahoma, United States I3510
33 GADBERRY, Anna M.  26 Oct 1907Oklahoma, United States I623
34 GADBERRY, Carl Arthur  14 Dec 1905Oklahoma, United States I455
35 GADBERRY, Clarence  Abt 1902Oklahoma, United States I4241
36 GADBERRY, Clive C.  23 May 1906Oklahoma, United States I8080
37 GADBERRY, George Noel  3 Dec 1909Oklahoma, United States I624
38 GADBERRY, Lula Maxine  31 Dec 1916Oklahoma, United States I625
39 GADBERRY, Ova Dee  1903Oklahoma, United States I4232
40 GADBERRY, William M.  1909Oklahoma, United States I4223
41 GODDY, Illa Christina  Abt 1897Oklahoma, United States I7043
42 HALLMARK, Alex  Abt 1904Oklahoma, United States I8801
43 HALLMARK, Henry  Abt 1901Oklahoma, United States I8800
44 HALLMARK, John F.  Abt 1899Oklahoma, United States I8798
45 HALLMARK, Lillie  Abt 1897Oklahoma, United States I8797
46 HALLMARK, Ottie  Abt 1901Oklahoma, United States I8799
47 HALLMARK, Samuel  Abt 1893Oklahoma, United States I8796
48 HALLMARK, Sarah M.  1906Oklahoma, United States I8802
49 HALLMARK, Uriah  Abt 1890Oklahoma, United States I8795
50 HANEY, Joe Hugh  25 Dec 1887Oklahoma, United States I626

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Katherine  13 Dec 2002Oklahoma, United States I2422
2 JONES, John William  18 Apr 1921Oklahoma, United States I612