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The Genealogy of the Voiles & Adamson Families

Coosa County, Alabama


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Latitude: 32.9333306, Longitude: -86.2497194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BULLARD, Mary Elizabeth  1 Mar 1847Coosa County, Alabama I1591 My Genealogy 
2 GREEN, Charles Hewey  13 Oct 1862Coosa County, Alabama I1601 My Genealogy 
3 MCEWEN, Nancy Josephine  3 Feb 1866Coosa County, Alabama I1600 My Genealogy 
4 MCEWEN, Newton Canada  18 Nov 1844Coosa County, Alabama I228 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCEWEN, Archie Andrews  5 Oct 1920Coosa County, Alabama I3524 My Genealogy 
2 MCEWEN, James T.  10 Apr 1941Coosa County, Alabama I3520 My Genealogy 
3 MCEWEN, John Kirkham  5 Oct 1939Coosa County, Alabama I3516 My Genealogy 
4 MCEWEN, John Walker  12 Dec 1957Coosa County, Alabama I4556 My Genealogy 
5 MCEWEN, Lenora  11 Jan 1977Coosa County, Alabama I4531 My Genealogy 
6 MCEWEN, Thomas Knox  17 Jul 1964Coosa County, Alabama I4529 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 MCEWEN, George Washington  Coosa County, Alabama I220 My Genealogy 
2 MCEWEN, William Powell  5 Apr 1934Coosa County, Alabama I3518 My Genealogy 
3 SEARS, Mary Catherine  Coosa County, Alabama I1547 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Winiford  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I193 My Genealogy 
2 ADAMS, Martha Georgeania  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4518 My Genealogy 
3 CANADA, Mary Ann  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I217 My Genealogy 
4 MCEWEN, Almeda Emaline  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I223 My Genealogy 
5 MCEWEN, Annie Belle  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4523 My Genealogy 
6 MCEWEN, Charles E.  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4522 My Genealogy 
7 MCEWEN, Francis Marion  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I222 My Genealogy 
8 MCEWEN, George Samuel  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4521 My Genealogy 
9 MCEWEN, George Washington  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I220 My Genealogy 
10 MCEWEN, George Washington  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I220 My Genealogy 
11 MCEWEN, James Bertie  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4524 My Genealogy 
12 MCEWEN, John Adams  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4526 My Genealogy 
13 MCEWEN, John Kirkham  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I3516 My Genealogy 
14 MCEWEN, Kirkham  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I216 My Genealogy 
15 MCEWEN, Martha A.  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I3515 My Genealogy 
16 MCEWEN, Mary L.  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4525 My Genealogy 
17 MCEWEN, Minerva Rachel  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I178 My Genealogy 
18 MCEWEN, Robert Jasper  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I227 My Genealogy 
19 MCEWEN, Sarah L.  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I3517 My Genealogy 
20 MCEWEN, Stewart W.  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4520 My Genealogy 
21 MCEWEN, Vernie May  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I4519 My Genealogy 
22 MCEWEN, Virginia Caroline  6 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I224 My Genealogy 
23 MCEWEN, William Powell  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I3518 My Genealogy 
24 MCEWEN, William Powell  1 Jun 1900Coosa County, Alabama I3518 My Genealogy 
25 SEARS, Mary Catherine  29 Jun 1860Coosa County, Alabama I1547 My Genealogy 
26 WEATHERSBEE, Andrew J.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I200 My Genealogy 
27 WEATHERSBEE, Catherine Elizabeth  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I197 My Genealogy 
28 WEATHERSBEE, Charles Oliver  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I177 My Genealogy 
29 WEATHERSBEE, David J.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I198 My Genealogy 
30 WEATHERSBEE, Gideon A.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I192 My Genealogy 
31 WEATHERSBEE, Henry F.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I195 My Genealogy 
32 WEATHERSBEE, John W.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I194 My Genealogy 
33 WEATHERSBEE, Stephen C.  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I199 My Genealogy 
34 WEATHERSBEE, William Lansford  22 Nov 1850Coosa County, Alabama I196 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / MCEWEN  16 Dec 1875Coosa County, Alabama F3013 My Genealogy 
2 CANADA / STEWART  18 Jan 1847Coosa County, Alabama F583 My Genealogy 
3 DOBSON / MCEWEN  14 Nov 1890Coosa County, Alabama F1483 My Genealogy 
4 GREEN / MCEWEN  1 Feb 1885Coosa County, Alabama F554 My Genealogy 
5 HARDEN / MCEWEN  15 May 1914Coosa County, Alabama F1485 My Genealogy 
6 MCEWEN /   7 Aug 1898Coosa County, Alabama F1481 My Genealogy 
7 MCEWEN / ADAMS  24 Dec 1882Coosa County, Alabama F1479 My Genealogy 
8 MCEWEN / ALLEN  13 Dec 1885Coosa County, Alabama F1482 My Genealogy 
9 MCEWEN / KNOX  26 Dec 1888Coosa County, Alabama F1480 My Genealogy 
10 MILLER / MCEWEN  27 Dec 1885Coosa County, Alabama F1484 My Genealogy 

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